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Arellemerino is a part of a small, family run company, based at the foot of the Quantock Hills in Somerset.

In 2002 we linked up with a German company that makes merino wool bedding. The qualities of this type of bedding are appreciated in many European countries. Most of the fabrics are made in Italy and our German partners have been fashioning them into blankets for the discerning German market for over 50 years. Arellemerino’s close association with this process allows us to monitor quality and respond rapidly to our customers’ requirements. That is why we can offer a made-to-measure service that larger companies cannot provide.

Our most popular products are pure merino blankets and merino mattress toppers. Many of our customers have seen or slept on these blankets before. Some have seen them promoted when on holiday and wisely waited until they returned home to assess quality and price.

To the 100% merino range we have added blankets that include cashmere, camel hair or alpaca and llama. These make arellemerinoblankets just a bit special!

The made-to-measure service is used by those who want a blanket to fit a non-standard bed including providing a safe sleeping environment on children’s beds and cots.

Then customers told us that pets find merino wool irresistible so we introduced a range of easy-to-use pet bedding.

There are bigger companies selling merino wool bedding. At Arelle Merino we try to be a bit different by offering:

  • Only top quality blankets packed full of natural fibres
  • Good service including free phone calls that never put you on hold.
  • A unique choice of materials
  • Free sample swatches
  • Blankets made exactly to your requirements
  • Great guarantees