Request a Swatch Sample

  • Please let us know the type of swatch that you are enquiring about. Alternatively, please let us know of any questions you have about our swatches.

Request a Bespoke Design

  • Please fill out what you expect your Bespoke design to look like. Include any dimensions (cm) and if possible upload a sketch of the design below.
  • SPECIAL OFFER: If you order a made-to-measure blanket for an unusual situation please take a picture and send it to us. If we use the picture for any of our publicity we will refund 15% of your payment.
  • When uploading a file please ensure that it is named sensibly for our use!


How to Choose Merino Wool Bedding

Outdoor pursuit specialists wear merino undergarments to regulate humidity to reduce perspiration and maintain an even temperature in a wide range of conditions. By using merino wool bedding you can benefit with much less effort! But how do you know what to choose?...

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Duvet or Blanket?

Are you a duvet or a blanket person? If you sleep under a duvet would you change to a blanket? Blankets sound a bit old fashioned don’t they. Aren’t they itchy and not very cosy? Not at all, as more people are finding out. Most lightweight duvets are filled with...

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