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Outdoor pursuit specialists wear merino undergarments to regulate humidity to reduce perspiration and maintain an even temperature in a wide range of conditions. By using merino wool bedding you can benefit with much less effort! But how do you know what to choose?

Here are a few things you should consider.

Which Fibre? Merino really is the best so make sure that is what you are getting. Merino can be blended with other fibres to achieve different textures. A cashmere blend gives a silkier feel. A blend of merino and camel hair is fabulously soft and resilient.

Does the Texture Matter? Definitely. Look for blankets with a deep fleecy texture that mimics the fleece on the sheep. This provides support and keeps air circulating around you to prevent uncomfortable overheating.

How much Merino? This can vary a lot, particularly in mattress toppers. Poor quality toppers are often sold with wool on one side only and are described as “reversible”. Avoid these toppers! Merino wool adapts to all seasons so just sleep on as much as you can! Look for the gsm (grams per square metre) number. This can vary from a miserly 300 to a sumptuous 1000.

What Size do I need? Don’t skimp on the size. Blankets should hang well over the sides and allow an extra 20cm for each person. For large beds there are advantages in having two smaller blankets. A mattress topper should be just smaller than the bed. If you contact a specialist company like arellemerino you can get blankets made especially for your bed, whatever its size or shape!

What About the Cost? They can be dearer than other bedding but if cared for correctly a high quality merino wool blanket will last for many years. We know of some that are family heirlooms! Just look at them as a great investment.