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Are you a duvet or a blanket person? If you sleep under a duvet would you change to a blanket?

Blankets sound a bit old fashioned don’t they. Aren’t they itchy and not very cosy? Not at all, as more people are finding out.

Most lightweight duvets are filled with either synthetic fibres or factory-farmed feathers. Better duvets are a bit heavier and are filled with natural fibres like merino wool. So why not get closer to the benefits of this wonderful material by sleeping under a good quality merino blanket.

The health benefits of merino wool are now well-known but in Britain we have been slower than many other countries to take advantage of them. Merino wool maintains an even temperature and humidity keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer promoting more restful sleep. It wicks away moisture and it is naturally resistant to bacteria. That’s why merino wool is used in the base layers (otherwise known as underwear) for outdoor pursuits.

Arelle Merino blankets and mattress toppers use merino wool woven into a texture that mimics the original fleece. This gives the blankets resilience and softness and maintains the essential air spaces within the blanket.

To keep the blanket in good condition, just choose a fine day to give it an airing . Even spilling your morning cuppa on a blanket is no great calamity. Merino wool is naturally resistant to staining so wiping over with a damp cloth, perhaps with a little washing up liquid should do the job.

The other great advantage of a blanket is its versatility. Take it off your bed and snuggle up on the settee. Drape in on the back seat of the car. If you own a motorhome, caravan, boat or even a tent a merino wool blanket is a great way to take home comforts with you. You’ll never bother with a bulky duvet again!