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Health Benefits

We spend a third of our lives in bed, children even more. It makes sense to spend that time in safe and healthy surroundings that promote restful sleep. So how do Arellemerino blankets provide this ideal environment?


Merino wool is naturally breathable and absorbs water vapour. The most obvious effect of this is temperature control. You will be warm in winter and cool in summer—yes really! Meanwhile perspiration is absorbed by the fibres. With temperature and humidity stabilised you will experience deeper, less disturbed sleep and you will wake up refreshed.


Reworking merino wool into a fleecy texture makes the best use of the resilience of the fibres. Air can circulate around your body. The texture of our mattress topper provides support and aids circulation. Pure wool mattress toppers and underblankets have been used in German hospitals for years because they help to regulate temperature and ease aches and pains including those due to rheumatism and arthritis.


Merino wool controls the build up of dust mites and other undesirables that can affect allergies. This property keeps your blanket feeling and smelling fresh for a long time. It also helps with the cleaning as usually airing or even vacuuming will do the job. As Arellemerino blankets are easier to clean than a duvet you can ensure that all your family sleep in healthy surroundings.

You may choose an Arellemerino blanket that contains other natural fibres such as cashmere or camel hair. These other fibres have their own qualities. Cashmere adds softness, camel hair adds smoothness and resilience. We add sufficient to benefit from them without affecting the health benefits obtained from merino wool and without making your Arellemerino blanket unnecessarily expensive.