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Merino Wool blankets are the healthy alternative to duvets filled with factory-farmed feathers or synthetic materials. Arellemerino blankets promote comfort and really restful sleep for all ages including babies and toddlers. Arellemerino does not compromise on quality. Our range includes the finest and most sumptuous blends of merino wool and other natural animal fibres.

Arellemerino blankets are made by a small company that has been supplying the finest products for the discerning German market for nearly 50 years. All Arelle Blankets are made from a double thickness of thick natural fibre fleece.

We can send you samples of our sumptuous materials so you can feel their quality for yourself before you buy. Phone us free for details. You can easily find cheaper merino blankets but we are confident that you will not find better.

Any size or shape!
Our blanket sizes are generous for standard size beds. We can supply blankets in almost any size and shape. They are great for non-standard beds such as on boats or in motor-homes.

The fibres are taken by shearing or combing the animals. They are then woven to imitate the soft, fleecy textures of the animals that provided them. Good for animals, good for you!

Resilient and Easy to Clean:
When treated correctly Arellemerino blankets will retain their superb qualities for many years. Natural fibres resist dirt and usually require no more than airing, shaking or a wipe over with a damp cloth. Our blankets can also be dry cleaned.