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Alpaca/Llama/Merino Top Blankets

from: £299.00

All the comfort and health benefits of merino wool with the added softness of alpaca amd llama wool. Stabilises temperature and humidity for more restful sleep. Also a luxurious throw. Fleece blankets are really versatile!

  • All the comfort and health benefits of Merino wool (85%) with the softness and resilience of an alpaca and llama mix (15%).
  • Use it wherever you need a bit a luxurious comfort.
  • Easy to clean.
  • An affordable way to enjoy these luxury fibres.
  • Warning! You may never use a duvet again!
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Material: Alpacas and Llamas are protected from the extremes of climate in their natural habitat by their thick wool. This makes them ideal complements to the fine properties of merino wool. The blend of fibres used in this range combines the smooth strength of an alpaca and llama mix (15%) with the benefits of merino (85%) at an affordable price. These Arellemerino blankets are made from two layers of this merino wool/alpaca/llama mix woven to a fleecy texture.  The layers are separated by a light, hypoallergenic filling.  As this is a variable mix of natural fibres the colour may vary slightly from that illustrated.  Ask us to send a free sample of our materials before you buy.

Healthier: The warmth and wicking properties of merino wool make it excellent for bedding. It stabilises temperature and humidity to promotes deeper, healthier sleep.  The natural fibres offer protection against allergy-causing dust mites whilst the fleecy texture provides support and lasting comfort.   Arellemerino blankets are excellent for all ages.

Versatile:  Your Merino/alpaca/llama blanket is more than just bedding. Take your Arellemerino blanket off the bed and use it in the garden, in the conservatory or on the settee. It provides warmth and style to leather furniture.  That’s not easy with a duvet! (We can make a blanket any size or shape to suit your requirements)

Easy to clean:  Natural fibres resist dirt and microbes.  We recommend shaking your Arellemerino blanket occasionally, preferable outside.  Surface dirt or marks can be wiped away with a damp cloth.  You can also use mild detergent.  If the blanket is badly stained it should be dry-cleaned by a specialist cleaner.  Treated properly your Arellemerino blanket will last for many years making it excellent value.  That’s why Arellemerino offers a 10 year guarantee on these blankets.

Choice:  Arellemerino blankets are available for all standard bed sizes.  Arellemerino also offers you the chance to obtain these fabulous blankets for any size or even shape of bed.  Just phone us on 0800 389 3597 to discuss your requirements. As an extra service you can order a blanket with a bound or stitched edge —the stitched (as shown) is slightly heavier.

Value:    An Arellemerino blanket provides the benefits of these luxury natural fibres without adding greatly to the cost.  Don’t forget that this blanket will cosset you for the third of your life that you are in bed. It is just not worth compromising.  Treated correctly your blanket will become a family heirloom!

Mainland UK customers pay the price you see. Postage & Packing is free!

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