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Luxury Merino for Pets

from: £20.00

Easy-to-use reversable pet bedding that will soon become your pet’s favourite place to sleep.

All beds made of two layers of fabric.  Choice of 3 materials, merino/polyester mix, pure merino wool and a super luxurious merino/cashmere with merino/camel.

Choice of 3 sizes to suit pets from cats to Great Danes

  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to odour-causing bacteria
  • Super tough and long-lasting
  • Especially helpful for older pets
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Pets very quickly become “attached” a merino pet bed.  This makes life comfortable for you too. In the car, in the home or when visiting just put the blanket down, even on a hard floor and your pet will love to lie on it.  And it’s much easier to carry than many other pet beds. The materials we use is so soft that there is no need for bulky beads or fillings that can spill.

Your pet can benefit from the health benefits of merino wool too.  Merino wool is especially useful for older pets needing a more soothing and temperature controlled environment.

Cleaning:  This is always a concern with pet bedding but Natural Fibre Pet Bedding stays remarkably clean and fresh.  This is because merino wool is a hostile environment for mites and bacteria that cause smells.  Customers are suprised how free of odours our pet bedding remains even after months of regular use.  To clean, shaking and vacuuming is usually all that is required.  Otherwise wipe the bed with a damp cloth.  You can use mild detergent. Your pet’s bed can given a cool wash if really necessary although the fine qualities will last longer if it is dry-cleaned.

Price: Most mainland UK customers pay the price you see. Postage & Packing is free.

These luxurious and practical pet beds are available in 3 materials and 3 sizes so you are sure to find one your pet will love.


  • Polyester and merino wool blend. One side white and the other side patterned black,brown and beige
  • Pure merino wool.  A thicker bed, white on one side and patterned white, brown and grey on the other
  • One side merino wool with 10% cashmere, white.  The other side merino wool and 20% camel hair, brown.  For the most pampered pets!

Sizes: Small 40cm x 40cm (16″ x 16″).  Medium 75cm x 80cm (29″ x 31″).  Large 90cm x 135cm (35″ x 53″)

And don’t forget that you can ask us about special sizes to fit your pet’s favourite bed. chair or setee.

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